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Inspired by the light that shines through the leaves in autumn, MIYUCA has developed a unique series of lamps with the aim of using raw materials that we normally consider waste.

LAAB lampshades are purely handmade and unique in composition and light transparency. The types of leaves used determine the structure and color. Many of the individual parts, which are normally made of plastic, have been replaced by handmade metal and

enriched with details. 

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After the leaves fall to the ground naturally they are collected and carefully sorted by

color and type then mixed with natural additives and biologic resins.

By using reusable wooden moulds unique pendant lamps are created.

Besides the classic lamps, MIYUCA develops also a special floor lamp. It consists

of a lampshade and a structure which is entirely handmade from a single piece of

metal and bent into a timeless form.

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In a society marked by waste, LAAB is an alternative to conventional plastic products. The target are people who not only value the aesthetics of the lamp, but also consciously decide to buy a sustainable product.

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